An answer to all new regulatory customs requirementsGVMS CDS S&S GB

Partner to Key Accounts, SMEs in all sectors of activity as well as freight forwarders, CONEX develops and markets a range of customs and security declaration management software solutions. Thousands of declarants our its tools and services to optimise and secure the entry, processing and electronic transmission of their declarations.

CONEX’s implementation of new BREXIT-linked customs clearance processes reassured our customers. A vast information campaign was launched to inform, share regulatory expertise, and ensure the compliance of customs operators using our solutions.

All have benefited from CONEX’s dual expertise: regulatory, in the field of Customs, and technological.

Customs operators can count on a company that has the ability to manage strategic digital transformation projects in an ever-changing world. Whether it be GVMS, S&S GB or even the ICS EU declaration, CONEX has the relevant software solution and communicates with British and European customs systems.


CONEX has thus supported its customers through the evolution from CHIEF to CDS, and on time. A successful migration, hailed by its customers who avoided disruption to the transmission of their customs declarations to the new UK customs system.